Hardening Certificate

We are make high quality caps and closures mould core and cavity and eject ring all need vacuum heat treatment, hardness should be HRC50-53, for the reason most of the cap use PP material, the hardness is enough. If the hardness over HRC53 or more than HRC53, the mould core and cavity will be easy crack, it will hurt the mould. We will provide the hardening certificate to our clients. The hardening certificate of mould material steel as following: ASSAB XW-42,ASSAB XW-41,Saarstahl 2316, ASSAB S136, ASSAB S136H, ASSAB 8407, AISI H13, Saarstahl 2344.

The mould core, mould cavity, mould ejection rings, sleeves, sleeve pins etc. all the parts will make BALINIT® C , if the customer requirement.

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